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What is the Every Casualty Campaign?

The Every Casualty Campaign refers to the civil society organisations who endorse a call on states to agree an international framework on casualty recording, building on the Charter for the recognition of every casualty of armed violence. The Charter and its core demands form the basis of the campaign call (see below), which was launched in 2012 while Every Casualty was a programme of the Oxford Research Group. Its signatories contribute to and support work with states, civil society, casualty-recording practitioners, and international organisations to build recognition of this problem and promote concrete steps towards improved recording of casualties.

The Campaign Call

The Every Casualty Campaign calls on states, in partnership with other actors, to recognise every casualty of armed violence by ensuring that all casualties are

  • promptly recorded
  • correctly identified and
  • publicly acknowledged

By every casualty, we mean all men, women and children, whether civilian or combatant, directly killed in armed violence anywhere in the world.

By promptly recorded, we mean immediately it is safe to do so.

By correctly identified, we mean that personal details such as their name, sex, and age be verifiably established.

And by publicly acknowledged, we mean that this information be made openly accessible to all, including the bereaved.

In fulfilling this call states and other actors should

  • Uphold the rights and dignity of victims and others throughout the
  • process
  • Ensure that the information produced is adequate and accessible as a basis for addressing the rights and needs of victims
  • Take all relevant actions at the national level
  • Work with others to develop an international framework for casualty recording