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100 additional NGOs and associations sign up to the charter

  everycasualty.org, 15 February 2012 

First published 14th Feb 2012

The Network for Peace Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)  and their campaign Choosing Peace Together has signed on 100 Additional NGOs to the Charter for the Recognition of Every Casualty in Armed Violence. 

The Network for Peace Building (NPB) is an association of 85 NGOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) which works towards sustaining peace by working in the areas of human rights, education, development, capacity building for civil society, and transitional justice and peace. Their campaign, Choosing Peace Together, organised by members of the NPB network, has lobbied 100 organisations from BiH to support the Charter for the Recognition of Every Casualty in Armed Violence.

NPB presented the Charter to the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH on International Human Rights Day, which was on the 10 of December at the end of last year, along with the list of signatories in a bid to ask for the government's support. The list of new Charter signatories will appear on the charter signatories section of our website. The Every Casualty programme is thankful for this impressive achievement and looks forward to working with the Network to build further momentum on the Charter in the region.