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Casualty Recording to be promoted at the 32d Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

First published 11th Nov 2015

The issue of casualty recording will be featured for the first time by the Red Cross movement during a side event at their upcoming quadrennial conference in Geneva (8-10 December 2015). 

This is a major event in the humanitarian calendar, attended by every state and every Red Cross/Red Crescent society. 

On Wednesday 9th December at 12.15 there will be a side event, co-hosted by Colombia and Every Casualty, entitled Casualty recording for recognition of victims and improved evaluation of harm in conflict. In addition to the co-hosts, panellists will include Casualty Recorders Network members, the Forensic Anthropology Foundation of Guatemala (FAFG) and Iraq Body Count (IBC), and Camilla Waszink, an expert on IHL and its implications for humanitarian action. 

Prior to the conference, delegates may also indicate their interest and support by publicly endorsing a pledge on Improving Casualty Recording in Armed Conflict, which may be reviewed alongside pledges on a wide range of topics of humanitarian concern, on the conference website

The pledge text is:

Subject: Improving Casualty Recording in Armed Conflict

This pledge is founded on the principle that no death should go unrecorded. Casualty recording in armed conflict involves the standardised and systematic documentation of direct deaths so that all may be promptly recorded, correctly identified and publicly acknowledged. 

We hereby pledge that in the years 2015-19, we will:

  • Support and encourage governments and civil society to embrace the principle that every death in armed conflict be recorded;
  • Support activities which increase understanding of the ways in which casualty recording can strengthen compliance with International Humanitarian Law;
  • Support the development of commonly agreed standards for casualty recording and their implementation.