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Update on Syrian IPN member abduction 

First published 5th Feb 2014

Over a month has passed since the abduction of Razan Zaitouneh, Syrian human rights lawyer and co-founder of the Violation Documentation Centre (VDC), by an armed opposition group. Her family, as well as colleagues at VDC, have still not received any information about her whereabouts or her well being. In their latest public statement VDC has called on opposition groups to reveal the identities of the perpetrators.  

In particular they call on the opposition group known as the “Army of Islam” to carry out their legal and ethical obligation to conduct a full investigation of the kidnapping, as Razan and her husband were taken from territory under the group’s direct control.  Despite this call, and the claims of innocence by a number of armed groups, the VDC have reason to believe that some of these groups are actively working to scuttle VDC’s ongoing investigation by accusing other armed groups who are not active in the territory. 

The VDC added that by failing to investigate this incident, the armed groups have failed to protect civilians, thus compromising their legitimacy. Despite all of this, the VDC has said that it will continue to look for Razan and the others who were kidnapped with her. 

Further updates from VDC can be found on their Press Releases page.