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The IPN is now the Casualty Recorders Network

First published 22nd Sep 2014

Following consultation with members of the International Practitioner Network of Casualty Recorders, the network has been renamed the Casualty Recorders Network. Every Casualty believes this name change will make the network more recognisable to those outside the field of casualty recording. 

Every Casualty will continue to administer the over 40-member strong network. Comprised of civil society organisations which conduct casualty recording, the Casualty Recorders Network allows recorders and related practitioners to engage in the sharing of good practice, professional peer exchange, mutual support and collaboration. 

Members of the CRN are currently engaged in the development of mutually agreed standards for good practice in casualty recording. Additionally, members from a range of conflict affected nations have provided vital data to support Every Casualty's research and ongoing advocacy to raise the profile of casualty recording worldwide. 

For more information about the network please click here.

Click here to learn how to become a member of the Casualty Recorders Network. 

Please be patient as we work to ensure the name change across our web and social media platforms.