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New paper from Every Casualty in Jindal Journal of International Affairs

First published 25th Mar 2014

In a new paper published in the Jindal Journal of International Affairs, Every Casualty Research Officer, Elizabeth Minor explores systematic casualty recording as a means for understanding and addressing conflict violence.

The paper, 'Addressing Violence by Recording the Casualties of Conflict: A Study of 40 Practitioners', proposes that there is broad field of casualty recording, made up of a connected range of different approaches to documentation, which operate both during and post-conflict for the benefit of conflict affected communities. These various approaches produce casualty data that can serve a variety of purposes including aiding in the development of evidence-based violence reduction policies, and supporting post-conflict justice and accountability procedures. 

The paper draws on a survey of 40 casualty-recording practitioners undertaken by Every Casualty in 2011. The survey also resulted in the publication of the policy paper, ‘Towards the Recording of Every Casualty’.  

The full article can be downloaded as PDF here.

Articles from EC Legal Consultant Rachel Joyce, and IPN member and founder of Nigeria Watch, Marc Antoine Perouse de Montclos also appear in this volume of JJIA. 

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