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Casualty Recording Contributes to Victim Assistance: New Report

First published 30th Apr 2015

A new report, Acknowledge, Amend, Assist is published today by Action On Armed Violence shows the links between casualty recording and victim assistance.

The 28-page report examines a range of current approaches: casualty recording, civilian harm tracking, making amends, transitional justice, and victim assistance. In so doing, the report illuminates their commonalities and differences and analyzes the difficulties they face individually and collectively.

Jacob Beswick and Elizabeth Minor contributed the chapter on Casualty Recording, based on their presentation in 2013 while staff members at Every Casualty, to a global summit hosted by Harvard University..

The chapter highlights how effective casualty recording may contribute to such outcomes as:

  • Effective advocacy with parties to conflict to change policy and practice in order to better protect civilians and reduce civilian casualties;
  • Compensation and other mechanisms to assist war survivors such as war benefits;
  • Accountability and transitional justice procedures, especially war crimes trials and truth commissions;
  • The public acknowledgment of victims through memorialisation.