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Every Casualty: An organisation dedicated to the improvement of casualty recording

First published 1st Oct 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Every Casualty Programme, founded within Oxford Research Group (ORG) in 2007, is now an independent self-governing organisation, Every Casualty Worldwide (ECW), which will operate under the shortened name, Every Casualty. 

Developed and expanded over a period of seven years at ORG, the Every Casualty Programme helped generate wide interest in better casualty recording as an issue and a goal in its own right. This goal has now drawn in UN Member states, the UN Secretary General, intergovernmental bodies and a wide range of civil society organisations around the world

Drawing on the principles of human security and the firm belief that every casualty of armed conflict should be promptly recorded, correctly identified, and publicly acknowledged, the Every Casualty Programme has worked to develop and enhance the technical and institutional capacity of civil society casualty recorders, identify and consolidate relevant legal requirements, and build the political will for every single casualty of conflict throughout the world to be recorded to this standard. 

The programme has also undertaken research into emerging good practice and existing legal frameworks in order to develop and promote clearer and more effective regulatory instruments and create and support advocacy networks, including the Every Casualty Campaign. 

Every Casualty looks forward to continuing the work it began under ORG as a stand-alone organisation. Every Casualty will continue its work with the same programme team as before, including the programme’s founders and co-directors. They will maintain and develop all its existing partnerships and relationships.   

ORG and ECW will continue to co-operate and support each other’s work and, in the beginning stage of the new organisation, ECW will work from the ORG office and share ORG’s administrative capacities.

The website www.everycasualty.org will continue to be the public face of Every Casualty and the Every Casualty Campaign.