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AOAV's July 2012 Explosive Violence Monitoring Report

First published 20th Aug 2012

This report, based on casualty records compiled by practitioner network member Action on Armed Violence, highlights the extent and impact of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, which overwhelmingly affects civilians. 

AOAV has released its latest report on explosive violence for the month of July. A total of 932 deaths were reported in July from the use of explosive weapons, 704 of them identified as civilian deaths. This report highlights the extent of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, which overwhelmingly affects civilians.

Iraq continues to suffer the highest number of incidents of explosive violence, with the vast majority occurring in densely populated areas such as markets and urban residential areas.

According to the dataset, 94% of overall civilian casualties (deaths and injuries) caused by explosive violence occurs when explosive weapons are used in populated areas, with the armed conflict in Syria providing another worrying example:

The Explosive Violence Monitoring Project recorded 92 civilian casualties from explosive violence in Aleppo between 24 and 31 July. The vast majority of the civilian casualties recorded in Syria in July occurred in the last two weeks as government forces launched sustained assaults on populated areas in Aleppo and Damascus.

The full report can be found on AOAV's website.

AOAV’s Explosive Violence Monitoring Project was developed to help address the gap in systematic data collection of casualties caused by the use of explosive weapons, as a contribution towards the broader measurement and monitoring of all forms of armed violence.