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Action On Armed Violence Syria report

Hosted by AOAV website

First published 10th Feb 2012

IPN member AOAV provides a collation and analysis of the ongoing armed conflict in Syria. The focus of their work is on the effects of explosive weapons, providing a breakdown of the type of weapons and the casualties they have caused. 

Based on thorough media coverage, AOAV

has recorded 1,233 civilians killed and injured from explosive violence in Syria between 1 April 2011 and 31 January 2012...[and demonstrate that] explosive violence in Syria has increased significantly with 48% of civilian casualties recorded in the last two months. Much of the violence has been located in populated areas with 95% of the civilian casualties of explosive weapons recorded in Syrian cities, towns and villages.

From their analysis of explosive weapons, AOAV maintains that the assault on Homs by government forces demonstrates that there has been a "significant intensification in violence in Syria" resulting in 300 deaths since 3 February 2012.

Although there are no independently verified casualty figures on the Homs assault, there are reports that government forces' attacks are indiscriminate and that they are targeting medical facilities within the city, both of which breach International Humanitarian Law.