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Developing standards for casualty recording: plenary meeting in London, September 2015

First published 8th Oct 2015

In 2013, Every Casualty started a process of developing standards for the field of casualty recording to answer a need identified in its first research to harmonise practice. This process which was launched at a meeting in Bogota in 2013 has been coordinated by Every Casualty and has involved practitioners from across the world and casualty data users. Participants of this meeting set the process of consultation for developing standards.

Since then, Every Casualty has been convening four specialist working groups which had for objective to discuss and agree on the minimum requirements that should be applied in practice for each of the six areas identified at the Bogota meeting: organisational transparency, methodology, definitions and categorisation, people security, data security, and publication. This consultation, and the outputs of these working groups have led to the drafting of a first version of the standards for casualty recording.

In September 2015, Every Casualty convened a plenary meeting to review these draft standards, co-hosted by CRN member Iraq Body Count in London. Eight CRN members and four end-user organisations of casualty data were represented. 

The two-day meeting was divided between a review of the text itself - amending the structure where necessary and identifying the need for clarifications or reformulation of certain standards - and discussions relating to the way these standards will be implemented and used by both practitioners and end-users once published. The group also discussed how to develop tools which would help the implementation of the standards, bringing recommendations from being merely theoretical, to helping practically putting them in place. These tools will come as a separate output from the standards themselves but are considered key to making the latter useful for practitioners.

Following this very productive meeting, Every Casualty is re-drafting the standards in order to open them to a wider consultation of other stakeholders and experts from the beginning of 2016. If you would like to know more about the standards development process, please