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Standards for Casualty Recording to be launched in Geneva and London

First published 14th Nov 2016

After three years of collaborative work involving members of the Casualty Recorders Network and other relevant actors, Every Casualty is pleased to announce the publication of the Standards for Casualty Recording, whose international launch will be hosted by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva on November 23rd 2016, and whose first launch with a national focus will be at King's College, London on December 8th. 

The internationally-produced Standards for Casualty Recording will be launched at two public events in the next month. These were three years in development but were able to build upon an earlier body of work which identified standards as a key measure in addressing current issues in the practice of casualty recording.

On 23rd November, in the Humanitarium auditorium at the Geneva Headquarters of the ICRC, Vice-President Christine Beerli will co-host with Every Casualty an international launch event. This will be chaired by Hugo Slim, ICRC Head of Policy, and the panel will include representatives from the casualty recording community and the field of humanitarian action. (Full details of the Geneva event, including speakers and registration.)   

The Standards will be published in PDF form on the Every Casualty website immediately after the Geneva launch event, and will also be available in printed form on request.

On December 8th, at King’s College London, there will be a UK-focused event to introduce these standards to those in the UK for whom they are most relevant, including policy-makers, academics, and NGOs.  This event, entitled Casualty Recording Post-Chilcot: International Standards for the Field will include discussion of how the Standards may be relevant to the recommendations of the Iraq Inquiry, one of whose members, Sir Lawrence Freedman, will be a panellist. (Full details of the London event, including speakers and registration.)  

A commentary on the standards and why they matter, written by Every Casualty co-directors Hamit Dardagan and John Sloboda, has recently been published by the ICRC on their Law and Policy Blog.

These standards are the culmination of efforts by many parties who supported their development and production with their expert input and commentary, good will and material assistance.  They mark an important and concrete step towards the ultimate goal of all these efforts: a world in which every casualty or armed violence is promptly recorded, correctly identified and publicly acknowledged.