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Truth seeking, truth telling and truth keeping in Bosnia and Herzegovina: interview with Mirsad Tokača

First published 25th Oct 2011

In this interview Mirsad Tokača, Director of the Research and Documentation Center of Sarajevo (RDC), discusses the work of his organisation to document human losses in Bosnia, and the Center's aim of contributing to processes of Transitional Justice in a society with a deeply contested recent past by providing solid records, and hence truth.

"Crime is committed against victims, against people. So if you have no names and no truth about these people, how could you provide justice?" 

Through careful research over a number of years, the RDC has documented almost 100,000 individuals’ deaths from the conflict in Bosnia 1991-95. RDC is a member of the International Practitioner Network, and Mirsad Tokača has also been an advisor to the everycasualty programme of Oxford Research Group since its early stages.

Mirsad Tokača was interviewed by Elizabeth Minor of Oxford Research Group's everycasualty programme on 4 May 2011, whilst he was on a visit to London. You can listen to the interview or read the full transcript below: