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The items posted here illustrate why transparent, humanising casualty recording is crucial. Although news reports of casualties are a staple of journalism, less frequently explored are the complexities of the recording process, the immediate and long-term benefits of doing it properly and the many harms involved in failing to do so. This collection examines those issues.

Casualty Recording Contributes to Victim Assistance: New Report

First published 30th Apr 2015

A new report, Acknowledge, Amend, Assist is published today by Action On Armed Violence shows the links between casualty recording and victim assistance. more...

"Every Body Counts" - Small Arms Survey Advocates for Measuring Violent Deaths as SDG Indicator 

First published 19th Mar 2015

Small Arms Survey calls for measurement of violent deaths as indicator for Sustainable Development Goals.  more...

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Measuring and Monitoring Armed Violence: EC at the Geneva Declaration Regional Review Conference 

First published 17th Jul 2014

Members of the Every Casualty Campaign, including the Every Casualty Programme at Oxford Research Group and Action on Armed Violence, spoke earlier this month at the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development Regional Review Conference for Europe, the Caucuses and Central Asia.   more...

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Casualty recording helps reduce armed violence, civilian casualties: new paper from AOAV

First published 2nd Jun 2014

A new policy paper from Action on Armed Violence shows the ways in which casualty records can help to reduce and prevent incidences of violence and resultant civilian casualties more...

Civilian victims of explosive weapons rises by 15% 

First published 15th May 2014

A new report from Action on Armed Violence finds major increase in global civilian casualties from explosive violence  more...

PODCAST: Assessing UN and state practice on casualty recording

First published 14th Apr 2014

Every Casualty's Elizabeth Minor and Action on Armed Violence's Serena Olgiati discuss their new reports and how casualty recording can help save lives.  more...

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