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The items posted here illustrate why transparent, humanising casualty recording is crucial. Although news reports of casualties are a staple of journalism, less frequently explored are the complexities of the recording process, the immediate and long-term benefits of doing it properly and the many harms involved in failing to do so. This collection examines those issues.

Standards for Casualty Recording published at launch event at the ICRC in Geneva 

First published 24th Nov 2016

The Standards for Casualty Recording were published November 23rd, 2016, following their international launch at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva. more...

Standards for Casualty Recording to be launched in Geneva and London

First published 14th Nov 2016

After three years of collaborative work involving members of the Casualty Recorders Network and other relevant actors, Every Casualty is pleased to announce the publication of the Standards for Casualty Recording, whose international launch will be hosted by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva on November 23rd 2016, and whose first launch with a national focus will be at King's College, London on December 8th.  more...

UK showed no real interest in monitoring civilian casualties: Iraq Body Count on Chilcot Iraq Inquiry Report

First published 15th Jul 2016

The 7th of July 2016 saw the publication in London of the much-awaited Chilcot Iraq Inquiry Report which set out to “identify lessons that could be learned from the Iraq conflict” for the UK government. CRN member Iraq Body Count (IBC),  has published its response to the report. 

Casualty recording a core commitment for World Humanitarian Summit

First published 6th May 2016

Two clear commitments on casualty recording have been placed on the official agenda of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

Updated Commentaries of Geneva Conventions detail how to record casualties of conflict; Every Casualty hosts side-event at the 32nd Red Cross Quadrennial

First published 31st Mar 2016


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