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This collection of articles includes updates on progress in the field of casualty recording practice, and developments in the international campaign for universal casualty recording in all situations of armed conflict.

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"Bosnian Book of the Dead": A Book for the Living

First published 29th Jan 2013

Research and Documentation Center (RDC) -member of the International Practitioners Network has launched "The Bosnian Book of the Dead" a Book which recalls  the names of over 95 000 victims of the 1990's conflict in the Balkans. more...

100 additional NGOs and associations sign up to the charter

First published 14th Feb 2012

The Network for Peace Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)  and their campaign Choosing Peace Together has signed on 100 Additional NGOs to the Charter for the Recognition of Every Casualty in Armed Violence.  more...

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The Truth Teller: Natasa Kandic, urging Serbs to face the past

First published 3rd Feb 2012

Radio Free Europe discusses Natasa Kandic, Director of the Humanitarian Law Centre in Belgrade, battle for searching for the truth and seeking justice for past atrocities. more...

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Video: Launch of the Charter for the recognition of Every Casualty

First published 25th Oct 2011

On the 15 September 2011 the Charter for the recognition of every casualty of armed violence was launched at the British Academy in London. The public launch included speeches from Wissam Tarif of Insan, who work in Syria, and Sandra Orlović of the Humanitarian Law Centre-Serbia and Bekim Blakaj of the Humanitarian Law Centre-Kosovo, who discussed how the Charter's core demands are both important to their work and necessary as standards for the world community. more...

Presentation: why we should document every casualty of conflict, both civilian and combatant

First published 25th Oct 2011

On 9 May 2011, Elizabeth Minor of Oxford Research Group's everycasualty programme made this presentation to Café Diplo, the meeting series of the friends of Le Monde Diplomatique Newspaper in London. Setting the arguments in the context of current and former conflicts, from Libya to Afghanistan, Iraq to Bosnia, Elizabeth demonstrates the social, political and human importance of recording every casualty of conflict as an individual. more...

Truth seeking, truth telling and truth keeping in Bosnia and Herzegovina: interview with Mirsad Tokača

First published 25th Oct 2011

In this interview Mirsad Tokača, Director of the Research and Documentation Center of Sarajevo (RDC), discusses the work of his organisation to document human losses in Bosnia, and the Center's aim of contributing to processes of Transitional Justice in a society with a deeply contested recent past by providing solid records, and hence truth. more...

New initiative on recording casualties of armed violence

First published 20th Oct 2011

The Every Casualty programme's press release for the launch of the Charter for the recognition of every casualty of armed violence. more...