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This collection of articles includes updates on progress in the field of casualty recording practice, and developments in the international campaign for universal casualty recording in all situations of armed conflict.

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Three Casualty Recording Organisations Work with UN in Gaza to Provide Detailed Casualty Data

First published 6th Aug 2014

Three casualty-recording organisations are providing preliminary figures and identifying information to the news media, the United Nations, and the humanitarian community at large on the current on-going conflict in Gaza. more...

Commemorating International Day for the Right to Truth and the Dignity of Victims

First published 24th Mar 2014

Every Casualty commemorates the International Day for the Right to Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and the Dignity of Victims, March 24  more...

Accepting truth, acknowledging loss: casualty records from Katyn to Afghanistan

First published 28th Oct 2013

A lack of transparency surrounding records of casualties in armed conflict continues to hamper reconciliation efforts everywhere from Poland to Afghanistan - even decades after the end of a conflict. The United States refusal to identify or publicly acknowledge drone strike casualties is a worrying continuation of this trend.  more...

Social media likely to provide key evidence for war crimes in Syria

First published 7th Oct 2013

Evidence gathered from social media will likely play a key role in the prosecution of war crimes in Syria, explained Every Casualty Co-Director Hamit Dardagan in an article recently published in German daily, Deutsche Welle. more...