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The Casualty Recorders Network (Formerly the IPN)

The Casualty Recorders Network, founded in 2009 and coordinated by Every Casualty, is an international network of casualty recording practitioners. The network's purpose is to empower its members and enhance their work through peer exchange and communication, collaboration and finding a common voice. 

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There are an increasing number of organisations, many locally-based, working to collect, record, and publicly acknowledge the individual victims of armed violence around the world. A notable feature of their work in the past was that each operated in relative isolation, largely unaffected by similar work going on elsewhere. There was a clear need, expressed by practitioners themselves, for a platform allowing such organisations to network productively with each other and share common problems, solutions and aspirations.

On the 25th of November 2009, the twenty founding members of the IPN (now Casualty Recorders Network) released its first joint communiqué on the goals and principles driving the network.

The Casualty Recorders Network's current activities include a central role in standards development, participation in research on methods and good practice, and providing a mandate to initiatives such as the Every Casualty Charter. Its aspiration is to raise the profile and maximise the social benefit of the network members’ often difficult and dangerous work.

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For more information about the network, or if you are a casualty recorder and are interested in joining, please contact the team.