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Casualty recording around the world

Casualty recording practitioners, often working in non-governmental organisations (NGOs), surmount many obstacles to do all they can to ensure that the victims of armed violence are not forgotten, but methodically and respectfully recorded.

These practitioners have formed the Casualty Recorders Network (previously the International Practitioner Network (IPN)) in order to engage in the sharing of good practice and all the other benefits of professional peer exchange, mutual support and collaboration. The Casualty Recorders Network members list includes organisations documenting casualties of armed violence in both current crises as well as those of the recent past. See latest news involving CRN members.

Casualty Recorders Network members are now engaging in a series of meetings and activities to enhance their practice and profile. In support of casualty recording practice, the Every Casualty Programme’s methods research project is developing an improved understanding of the range of available casualty recording practices, along with guidance for their implementation. 

Note: The International Practitioners Network has been recently renamed the Casualty Recorders Network. Please have patience as we work to make corresponding changes across all Every Casualty platforms.